San Diego CA!!! Here we come!



 Heading out  to San Diego to start the new record!!!  We are pumped to be working on the new stuff and are really excited to see how these new songs end up sounding. So, if you think about it pray for us this week. Specifically, that the Lord would give us divine inspiration and creativity.  We will send out updates this week so check your twitter and the site to see how its going.

God Bless


Rise And Shine

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I have found that I am not really a morning person but everyone else in my family is. My daughter like my wife loves the morning and is extremely vocal about it. This kid gets up in bed with me and says, “WAKE UP DADDY,” over, and over, and over, and over!!!! Until my will is beat out of me. I have tried to put her to bed later thinking she might sleep in but still at 5:45-6:45 she is up.

I am resolving to become a morning person so I am no longer the outcast of this bunch. Pray for me!

Who Hates Moving!!! ME!!!


Moving Stinks!!!

I moved out of my house last week. All of our things crammed in boxes. I was thinking, “Where did all this stuff come from???” Its crazy that you can accumulate so much junk in a few short years! Box after box filled with things I don’t use. I did not think we were pack rats but I was sadly mistaken.

Word to the wise.
STAY PUT!!! and THROW THINGS AWAY!!! or you might one day have an office that looks like this.


Rock The World’s Re:Mix


We are leading worship at an event in Asheville, NC this weekend.  They are offering a pretty amazing deal if you are up for it!!!  here is a quote from the leadership and the web site:)  See ya there!!!

“Shane and Shane will lead worship THIS WHOLE WEEKEND for Rock the World’s “Remix” Young Adult Conference in Asheville, NC. Here’s the scoop: The next 120 people who register for Remix only have to pay whatever you want to Oppblåsbare lysbilder give – whether that is $170 or $50 or $0. We want you there. This offer actually includes a room for the weekend and meals. No joke. You just have to register and get yourself there. Don’t let money stand in your way.”

Worship Leading?


Well it happened! We are officially leading worship at a CHURCH! Not at a church, like, on tour, on the road at a church… but at CHURCH church!

Shane E and i are leading part time at the Oaks Fellowship Church in Red Oak Texas. About 8 miles from my house! We have played there a few times over the last 5 years, and have fallen in love with the staff, the heart and vision of this body of believers. On top of leading worship there, we are joining forces in starting a worship school as a part of the College that already exists at the Oaks (The Oaks School of Leadership). It’s unbelievable exciting!!! We will be filling you all in as the process unfolds… but we are so incredibly humbled by the things the Lord has brought to us locally! Some answers to years of prayers! Praise Him!


Turn Down the Music?



Joey is in Colorado… getting ready for the “Turn Down the Music” tour in his own special way. You aren’t gonna want to miss this tour


Parables From The Farm


I wonder if this is anything like what the Lord feels when He… “comes in to dine with us?”


Praise God for Dead Trees


I’m out in the yard today… remembering our God’s faithfulness!

A few months ago, I was wrestling through my weakness, trying to find a path that lead out of heaviness and into the light load of Christ. I had felt alone for sometime. Not ‘alone’ alone… I have a wonderful life! I have a wonderful wife! Tremendous friends and family, but I felt alone. I couldn’t hear the Lord. It seemed I had lost my ambition for Him. He seemed to have…left.

I tend to get fleshy in these times! I get quiet and selfish. Short and distant with my wife, snappy with my friends, and I busy myself so I don’t have to face the silence… so I don’t have to deal with my lonely heart.

And my heart is surely lonely because is craves Him. The Lord Jesus! It’s sometimes hard to see that in the moment, but when He finally responds, when my dry heart is quenched, when I wake up from a worldly slumber, I recognize what it was that I had been lacking…

But on this particular day, at the end of a particularly dry season, I had once again forgot the gospel and I felt cut off from God. I felt disqualified. That maybe I didn’t know or love Jesus… that maybe I had been fooling myself… and everyone else.

So what do you do in this kind of depression?

Naturally, you grab a chainsaw.

I tend to do a lot of my wrestling in a side room of our house looking out at a bunch of trees and other green things that are rare in these here parts, and, instead of pressing into the Lord when it is hard, I reluctantly gave in to the strong temptation to cut down this certain scraggly tree that had been begging to be firewood for over a year.

It was an old cedar tree, who’s branches were bare and twisted. The tree was discolored, and it looked like the kind of tree that if you pushed on it hard enough, it would fall right over. This tree was dead. An eyesore in it’s community of greenness.

So there I was. Chainsaw in hand, ready to take out some spiritual aggression on this old ugly tree.

The blade touched the petrified skin of the tree as I glanced up to plan for the fall…



The Lord spoke!

More than spoke. It’s like He was shouting as I stepped back and switched the chainsaw off…


And as I stared at the tiny cedar tuft at the top of this tree, I heard, “Don’t cut down this tree, Shane. It has living water running through its veins. It is not dead. It’s alive, and bearing fruit. It needs pruning and love and more pruning… but it is surely alive.”
“You are alive, Shane… there is holy blood running through your veins. I have not left. I will not leave. I discipline you because I love you. Starve the flesh, and feed the Spirit!”

He speaks…

And I am restored.

That old tree is still standing.

It has another tuft

So I, lead by the Holy Spirit, preached the gospel to myself for the rest of the day. Oh how I need the gospel! Pretty much just sang a song called “Embracing Accusation” over again… I think I might write it down and call it “Embracing Accusation Again.”

10For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse; for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who does not continue in all things which are written in the book of the law, to do them…

…13Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us (for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree”) ~Gal 3:10-13

Thank You Lord for trees!
To the praise of His glorious grace!
~Shane b

Ministry And Facial Hair

I think everywhere we go music ministers as well as youth pastors have some type of goatee! Has anyone ever noticed this? Maybe its because all the cool kids are doing it. I have no room to talk I love my goatee! If my wife would let me grow it out even longer I would. So keep growin em fellers we are in good company!!!

A few guys I hung out with this weekend. I thought I would show a few creative variations. Get crazy with it. You hopefully dont wear makeup so this is your chance to spice your face up. Take a chance!
This is the good company i was talking about.
I think Crowder takes the cake but Charlie is bringing it!!!

Jack Bauer

I just got caught up on 24 last night. Man!!! I love Jack!
I don’t think I have ever liked a show as much as 24. If any one has a show that they think is better you must have not watched this one!

I dont really watch that much tv but I am into this!

Anyone have something that they think compares? If so i would like to hear about it.